Counting Down The Pounds

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Programs I've Tried

Weight Watchers ~ Worked for the short time I did it, but I'm not for public humiliation and that's what the weigh in meetings felt like. Without accountability I lose track real quick, so not going to the meetings and online didn't work for me.

Jenny Craig ~ I'm sure it would have worked, but it's expensive. And my now ex husband threw a ginormous fit over the price, so it only lasted a week.

Metabolife ~ ICK. I felt jittery all the time.

SlimQuick ~ Ditto Metabolife.

Some eat only rice, meat and veggies program where meetings were held in a church... can't remember the name (limited other carbs get added back in slowly). Worked, but the lack of fiber leads to constipation and what a boring diet, so I gave up quickly.

SlimFast ~ Those shakes leave me starving, plus they are packed full of chemical nasties and gave me belly aches. Yuck.

I never tried Atkins, which is kind of odd considering my Nourishing Traditions mentality... but, I've also been a vegetarian and just can't stomach that much meat for the long run.

I want to eat all kinds of food. This is a life style change, it's about moderation while still enjoying my food. A friend told me that she lost 80lbs by cutting all her portions in half. That's probably a good idea for most of America since we are all over portioned!

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