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Monday, April 26, 2010

Frozen Food Ridiculousness...

I really don't know what I was thinking (in regards to freezer meals) except that I wanted results and I want them NOW (remember, I'm a lack of patience/instant gratification girl).

In case I haven't mentioned before, I follow Nourishing Traditions.  I truly believe that not all fats are equal and that fat is essential to healthy (and lean) bodies.

But I'm also in a hurry to be thinner and therefore healthier.

Am I doing more harm than good by cheating myself in regards to my nutrition in order to lose the excess pounds?

Because once those pounds are gone, I'll be a lot healthier.  (PCOS symptoms will decrease, Insulin Resistance should stabilize, Thyroid function will improve.)

So, being the mostly smart girl I am, I'm going off the freezer meals (even the healthier options still aren't all that great, especially when compared to my cooking).

I'm going to start preparing and freezing my own pre-portioned meals to make my crazy days a bit easier.  I'll be including things like:

*Wild Seafood (I just bought these BEAUTIFUL jumbo wild shrimp... yum!)
*White meat free range chicken
*Grass fed beef
*Whole (soaked) wheat pasta
*Soaked brown rice
*Soaked Quinoa
*Almonds (I love almonds)
*Soaked Oats
*Plenty of fresh and lightly cooked fruits and veggies
*Raw, whole milk
*Real pastured butter, EVOO, and unrefined coconut oil
*Dairy Kefir
*Raw cheese
*Sweetners (in moderation) are limited to sucanat, honey, stevia

A sample freezer meal might be:

1 cup brown rice (218 cals/ 1.5 grams fat) w/ 6 medium shrimp (20 cals) and a sauce made from 1 tsp real butter (35 cals/4 grams fat), 2 Tbs raw cheese (or kefir cream cheese, 90 cals/5 grams fat ), herbs, and mushrooms.  Then I will add sauteed (with 1 tsp olive oil) zucchini, spinach, and asparagus at meal time.

Sweetness Update:  My sweet cravings have DRASTICALLY reduced.  I have enjoyed a couple of frozen treats, but otherwise fruit is doing it!  I enjoyed a cold, crisp, organic fuji apple this morning and it was delicious!  This is amazing because I've spent the last several months craving chocolate like crazy.

Today I enjoyed a cup of Nourishing hot cocoa for snack.  (This is my recipe, but I'm sure there are millions that look just like it... there's not a lot to put in cocoa).

1 cup Raw, Whole Milk (150cals, 8grams fat)
1TBS sucanat (45 cals)
1TBS dark chocolate powder (10cals, .5 grams fat)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
dash of cinnamon if desired

Combine in a saucepan over medium heat.  Stir with whisk until desired temperature is achieved, pour into a mug and enjoy!

*I'm suspecting a thyroid issue... I've wondered for a while but frankly, I don't want to toss money at the lab for a test that may be unreliable.  So, I'm going to start NatureThroid and see if that helps alleviate my symptoms (of which there are many, like sleepiness!).

**I'm going to have to start enjoying a TBS of local, raw honey everyday because its seasonal allergy time again.  Yes, I'll journal it and include in my daily totals even though its medicine!

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