Counting Down The Pounds

Monday, April 26, 2010

Early Plateau?

For three days now I've been stuck... (yes, I'm weighing daily even though I was trying to wait a week!).  I'm eating between 1400-1600 calories and my fat is staying around 30-35 grams/day.  I'm still recording everything I eat and drink.

I'm combating with the following tactics:

*Increase water intake
*Decrease sodium intake (no freezer meals for a couple days at least)
*Take my natural cleanse to flush excess water
*Increase activity level
*Decrease calorie intake to 1200 cals for 2 days, then back to 1400. 

I'm trying to add 30 minutes of planned physical activity a day (I already move, A LOT... so this focus is on planning/intentional activity).  Today I rediscovered the mini trampoline.  I keep it with the kid toys and they LOVE jumping on it.   Even if I only jump for 5 minutes several times a day, that will add needed activity.  I'm also going to go dig up the kids jump rope... these are activities I can do even with the kids running around like crazy.

I have too much weight to lose to plateau this early in the game... and I didn't cheat at all over the weekend.

Yesterday I did have a nonfat 12 oz mocha (150 cals) and had lunch at Taco Bell (Fresco Chicken Burrito Supreme + water 340cals/8g fat).  My daily total was 1440 cals/ 30 grams fat.

Breakfast today:

1 slice Dave's Killer Bread, 1 egg scrambled + 1 Tbs grated cheddar cheese (235 cals/10.5 grams fat)

I'm skipping my coffee and creamer that adds 150 cals/5 grams fat, so I ate more fat at breakfast since I've been pretty low.   This will help keep me closer to 1200 cals/day.  Today's breakfast was also ~70 cals less than my normal breakfast of oatmeal.

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