Counting Down The Pounds

Monday, April 30, 2012


I just fried one small organic zucchini, Applegate Naturals deli chicken, & olive slices in Kerrygold butter.  Then I added in two whisked eggs and scrambled everything up.  It's delicious!

I need to get more healthy fats into my diet. . . I think I'm relying a bit too much on protein and not getting quite enough good fats.  So, I'm going to make a salad dressing with olive oil (I'm going for something creamy/ranch like) and find some one to get 1-2 TBS coconut oil in every day.  I added a pat of Kerrygold butter to my steak last night. . . YUM-O.  How did I live so long without butter on my steak? (Yes, I am eating TONS of veggies every day and drinking at least 72 ounces of water.)

I'm not a big avocado fan, but I'm also going to try and find ways to sneak it into my diet. . . I know the fat is really good for you!  My kids devour it. . .

I've decided that my prize for 20lbs lost will be a new pair of Nike athletic shoes (which every ones I want!).   I'm wearing mine out (which is very obvious at the gym every morning) and I know the value of quality shoes.  My former spouse works for Nike so it's really hard for me to pay retail as I'm used to the employee store or even *gasp* free samples!  This is my new world, so I'll suck it up as my incentive for losing weight and sticking to my 5am workout routine!

Curves- I definitely recommend this work out program to any female who doesn't already work out at least three times a week.  The circuit is great. . . you know exactly what to do for how long and by the end, you've covered every major muscle group.  I went to a full on fitness center once upon a time. . . I even had several personal training sessions.  I hated the mirrors on every wall and all the bodies in almost too good of shape.  I felt out of place.  At Curves, I don't have these issues and I also don't worry about not knowing what I should be doing.  In a couple more months, I may check out the Crossfit here and see if that will fit into my world, but I know I'm not physically or mentally ready to yet.

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