Counting Down The Pounds

Saturday, April 28, 2012

One Month Check In

Today, I'm officially down 13lbs in one month.

I hit a speed bump early on this time, so I started on the 21 Day Sugar Detox in addition to our new Paleo lifestyle.  For me, this means cutting out dairy in addition to normal carb/sugar foods for the full 21 days.  It kick started things and I've seen rapid pounds dropping in the last 6 days!

My clothes are starting to get loose on me. . . but I'm not down a size yet.  I notice my fingers are thinner (my wedding ring is spinning again) and my face is thinner.  Not exactly where I'm most worried about loosing fat from, but I know my body and these are the first two places to loose weight.

For me, Paleo eating means limiting my fruit and nut products. . . eventually I will allow a bit of cream in my coffee and hard cheese here and there again. . . but I'm hoping the 21 Day Sugar Detox rids me of my constant reaching for cheese when I'm feeling hungry. I read somewhere in the Paleo Blogosphere that milk is a building food, which, DUH. . . but I never thought about it that way.  Milk is intended in all mammal species for the rapid growth of their young.  It is not intended for adult consumption. . . tht building is going to happen somewhere, and last I checked, I hadn't gotten any taller or any smarter in the last several years. :-)

I'm trying to teach my children about healthy eating habits.  Not always an easy thing when the boys spend every other week at their Bio-Mom's where the Standard American Diet reigns supreme.  I'm trying to figure out the balance between healthy eating and not being controlling so that my nearly 12 year old daughter doesn't start eating out of rebellion (or not eating).  How do you convince a milk lover to stop guzzling milk?  My compromise right now is to buy high quality milk and limit her to one cup (8oz) per day.  The kids are still eating cheese & yogurt.  I'm working on a plan to set up eating plans for the kids. . . something that I can laminate and they can check off their choices each day to help them make good decisions about healthy fats, produce, meat, eggs, dairy, Paleo-ized treats, etc. . .  This will allow me to customize the charts based on each child's individual dietary needs (I have a couple of tiny children. . . an average child. . . and two that will thicken up a bit easily).  I'm hoping this helps get more healthy fats into the kids who really need them (the tiny ones with some sensory/adhd issues) and keep the kids with Mommy's metabolism in check regarding treats & dairy.  If I come up with something awesome, I'll share it!

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