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Friday, April 6, 2012

Slow and Steady. . .

My first 10 days have not seen as rapid of weight loss as my original success (2 years ago now!!!).  But this is to be expected.  I'm doing a few things different and have still lost 4.4lbs in 10days!

I am not recording my daily intake (in the past, I journaled every thing I consumed along with the calories and fat).  I know what foods I need to be eating and what combinations keep me around my target calorie range.  I have had carbs a couple times. . . 1 slice of GF pizza for lunch last week (it was Spring Break!). . . a GF bun on my burger and a portion of hasbrowns the other night with my eggs.  Carbs are like glue on my body.  Knowing this, I shouldn't have difficulty avoiding them.

Our family is moving toward Paleo eating.  I'm not sure I will ever be 100% Paleo, as I find it hard to imagine giving up my GF Oats and Buckwheat or to completely remove dairy from our diets. Legumes? No problem.  Pasta? No Problem.  Bread? No Problem.

 My biggest concern with moving Paleo is how to get full bellies and not out spend our budget.  Our grocery budget is already generous at $1400/mo (for 8 of us + daycare which won't be Paleo due to USDA guidelines).  I cannot afford to increase my grocery budget, so I have to figure out ways to reduce our carb fillers without breaking the bank (since much of our carbs are high cost gluten free items, this shouldn't be terribly difficult).

My biggest dietary change currently is the removal of refined sugar (for the last couple of years I haven't been a typical American sugar consumer, but I still had my addiction!).  I gave up my sugar filled (and delicious) mocha's.  It has been almost two weeks without my coffee shop fix.  I'm not craving it any longer. . . so I'd guess I'm moving along fairly well on the detox. Sugar doesn't fit into the Paleo lifestyle so this is another positive move toward dino-eating for us.

Today I haven't done very well on eating like I should. . . so I won't share what I have (or haven't eaten).  Here's yesterday's menu:

5:30am- Chocolate European Style Yogurt (8g protein, 16g carbs- pre gym carb fix).
7:30am- 1/2 cup (uncooked) gf oats, 1/2 cup frozen mixed berries, 1 Tbs real maple, 12-16 almonds crushed.
10:00am- Apple slices + 1 Tbs almond butter (if needed, I'm finding that a mid morning snack isn't necessary many days).
12:30pm- Lg garden salad w/ 1 Tbs ranch, 5 ounces chicken sauteed with 1/2 cup mushrooms
3:00pm- Cheesestick (if I feel like protein is needed) + cucumber slices
6:00pm- Grilled hamburger patty + garlic cheese + cauliflower + salad
9:00pm- Small snack if needed (olives, nuts, veggies, etc. . .) What I really want here is a bowl of cereal!). 

My goal is to get at least 50% of my diet from vegetables and fruits, with 70% being optimum.  I will probably have to incorporate a serving or two of fresh veggie and fruit juice each day in order to meet this goal.

On days that I skip meals. . . I feel it! Today is a feeling crummy day because I haven't fed myself properly.

Did I mention that I'm working out again?  I rejoined Curves and am going five mornings a week.  I'm also wearing a pedometer and clocking 14,000-16,000 steps per day.  Yay!

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