Counting Down The Pounds

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter and Weight. . .

I cheated over Easter weekend.  (Who didn't, right?).  That said, my weight stayed steady so I'm not beating myself up (besides, what would be the point?).

I had a sugar shop mocha, but had no problem avoiding them today.  I guess the habit really is broken.   I had two small pieces of candy from inside the kids plastic eggs and a serving of cooked chocolate pudding with whip cream (I know). 

And I was SICK.  My body made a quick adjustment to this almost no grains/low carb world and those sugar filled treats made me feel horrid.  I won't be doing that again!

I didn't eat enough veggies or drink enough water today. . . funny since I was so incredibly thirsty over the weekend (probably because of my cheat foods).

Sunday night, I took the kids to the play and pizza place where they have gluten free pizza.  The girls loved their special treat, I was nauseated with one slice (and the slices are probably 1/3 of a normal pizza slice!).  I consider this a major improvement!  I don't want to eat garbage food and I like that my body is telling me not to.

I definitely have more energy, but am getting a mid afternoon slump following any sugar.  Tomorrow I am going to try my morning coffee with pure cream and stevia (I'm still using some coffee mate).  I'm hoping that removing the last vestige of sugar and crap will perk me up.  I am getting up at 5am and going to Curves for a work out every weekday morning (and some Saturdays, although not at 5am).  I'm also wearing a pedometer and moving as much as possible throughout the day.  I need to start making sure I'm in bed by 9 (that's hard!).

I feel like my cortisol levels are already falling and I know this will help with the weight and with the infertility. 

On another note, after a rest cycle (month off), I started back on the fertility drugs today.  UGH.  This could make the cravings more difficult to deal with.

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