Counting Down The Pounds

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I had a bad couple of days.   Seriously... BAD.  My daughters had First Communion and my son had a birthday... that all added up to a lot of cake in the house.

Funny thing is... on day one, I didn't do terribly.  I had one small slice of the cake.  By day two, just knowing that cake was in my house was reason enough for me to eat it... and eat it I did... I didn't crave it, after a few bites I even felt sick... but I kept eating it.

By end of day three... I was SICK.  I kid you not... hanging out in the bathroom sick.

I felt so crummy that I also skipped two days at the gym, which added to my feeling worse.  I made bad choices (having a bagel thin for breakfast instead of eggs and healthy fat), that left me feeling hungry and that led to mindless eating.

I threw the cakes out... if they aren't here, I can't eat them.  Too bad it took me three days of feeling like crap to do that! 

I'm switching off calorie and fat counting for two weeks.  Instead I am eating whole (clean, natural) foods, limited grains, and lots of protein. Pre morning workout, I had a cup of yogurt with berries. For breakfast today I enjoyed, 1 egg cooked omelet style + 1 cup of cooked gf oats w/ sliced strawberries, 1 TBS of palm sugar and 2 Tbs of whole milk.   Lunch will be a grilled chicken breast, zucchini, mushrooms, and salad.  Afternoon snack will be 2 hardboiled egg whites + a sliced apple and dinner will be a repeat of lunch. 

The combination of high quality proteins with limited grains should help fuel my body and help ensure I am burning fat and not muscle at the gym.

Oh, yeah... the gym.  I joined Curves.  This week I only made it there 4x's.  My goal is 6x's/week, since I made myself sick this week, I lost 2 workouts.  So far, I am liking it... the circuit makes sense in my world.  I'm still walking a lot and maintaining all my normal activities, so this should help burn faster and tone up as the weight is coming off.

I didn't gain any weight during my 3 day binge... I held steady at 15lbs lost. 

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  1. Just as a personal experience, my own trainer recommended keeping training to five days a week, with two rest days (not that you can't do anything on those days - go for a walk, yoga, etc - be active, just don't train). Your muscles need adequate time to repair between sessions. 6x/week may be overdoing it.