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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday Scale

Saturday is officially my scale day. . . and once a month it'll also be my measurement day.  I've developed a scale addiction. . . climbing on every single day (sometimes twice a day) and then getting discouraged if the numbers haven't decreased.

I know that weight loss over a week is more measurable than watching it daily.  So, that's what I'm doing. . . breaking the scale habit.

Today I'm thrilled to say I'm officially down 20.2 lbs since the end of March (I don't remember my actual start date, but I do know that around Marcy 27th is when I had my wake up, you are beyond chubby moment).  I'll be buying myself some new shoes soon!

The low carb thing is agreeing with me. . . although berries sound DELICIOUS and I can't wait until they are part of my daily regime (in moderation, of course!).

Today I'm sipping iced coffee. . . I tend to make a pot of coffee in the morning and then only have one cup. So later in the day I'm at the point of dumping out the rest. . . I started freezing coffee cubes.  Then I pour my cold coffee over a glass full of coffee ice cubes, add a couple packets of Splenda or vanilla SF syrup, and a tablespoon (or two) of heavy cream.  Yum-O!  I just had a thought. . . I should start putting the leftover coffee into a carafe in the fridge for the next day. . . that'll reduce the coffee waste around here!

Did I mention that cheese doesn't seem to get along with me?  I love it, don't get me wrong. . . cheese is my go to food for a quick protein packed snack, for flavoring just about anything. . . I love the tangy taste that's so versatile.  But, since I dropped down to Atkins Induction Phase (instead of just Paleo), I've increased my cheese consumption (Atkins allows up to 4 ounces a day) and my skin is the worse for it. . . Guess I'm back to tiny amounts of cheese here and there.  *sigh*  I may have to add a serving of nuts or nut butter in to replace it since snacks of olives and hard boiled eggs might get boring. . .

Oh. . . did I mention that my size 10 jeans fit me again?!?!?!?  They are a little more snug fitting around the thighs than I'd like, but the waist and booty almost have room to spare.  My legs aren't thinning down as much because I'm working out and they are building muscle!  Still, I hope they do thin down over the next couple of months.   This whole size 10 thing is almost worth the 3 inch bust loss (and resulting lack of fullness).  I don't own any size 8's anymore, so once I get too thin for 10's I'll have to hit the resale shops.

Movement on the scale and smaller clothing definitely keeps me motivated and helps keeping me from cheating. . .

That said, I went out with the girls the other night. . . no drinks for me, I chugged water instead!  I was good and ordered a mixed green salad and chicken skewers (minus the peanut sauce).  But I caved when the dessert menu came around and had a chocolate pot de creme. .  .which overall wasn't a bad choice except for the SUGAR.  And guess what, almost as soon as I finished it I was SICK.  Honestly, a bite or two would have been plenty for me because the sugar was overpowering since I don't consume sweets anymore but it was so good I kept eating. . . I got hot flashes and terrible gastro pain pretty quickly, thankfully it passed over a couple hours and I didn't end up spending the night in the bathroom.  I'm not sure if this was a gluten or sugar reaction, but it wasn't my typical gluten reaction, so I'm going with sugar.  My body says "NO!".

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