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Friday, June 22, 2012

Fat Fast -OR- Sugar Detox

I'm at another plateau. . . granted it is *mostly* self induced.  I had a miscarriage and gave it a bit to sweets and even had an almond butter sandwich on gluten free bread. 

At this point I'm trying to decide whether to go with a 3-5 day fat fast (Atkins style. . . 1000 calories a day, 90% fat) or jump back into the 21 Day Sugar Detox.  I'm not eating sugars, but I am eating a lot of cheese, a fair amount of heavy whipping cream, and using some truvia/splenda (I know. . . ).  I've found that my body requires shaking up every few weeks, but I am at my staying point weight. . . meaning, every time I've lost weight this is about the lowest I get (within 4-5lbs).  I know that my body can shed at least another 20lbs and possible even 35lbs but it seems quite happy right where it is.  So, I need to shake things up and get this body out of it's comfort zone.

What I've noticed as we've transitioned to grain free living (Paleo, if you will) is that a lot of weight loss plans share a commonality- carbs aren't great for most bodies.  This is the premise of Atkins, The Metabolism Miracle, and The Paleo Solution (and I'm sure many others). The biggest part of any of these weight loss plans is to continue them for life. . . sure, you can lose weight if you go hardcore Atikins for a few months. . . but that weight will creep (or run) back on once you go back to your old ways.

I'm not giving up. . . I finally see the light and know that my body can be thinner than I am now.  I don't expect (nor have I ever expected) to be a skinny mini.  My body isn't designed that way.  I do expect to be healthy and petite, with lots of lean muscle and curves. 

Researching Paleo, I've noticed that women whose weight stall out tend to have a few things in common. . . we like Paleo-fied baked goods, nuts, & chocolate.   Atkins recommends a decent amount of cheese a day (3-4 ounces) and I've noticed that my body doesn't like cheese so much (but I sure love it!).  I tend to do better if I keep my diet at fat, protein, & veggies with maybe a touch of fruit and only a serving of nuts/nut butters each day.  This leads me to think the 21 Day Sugar Detox is going to be the way to go in order to break this plateau and push my body under the next decade mark.

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