Counting Down The Pounds

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

30 lbs Lighter and a Whole New Me

Sorry I've been MIA... There's been a lot going on in my world including a move.

I'm down 30lbs... But I've hit my plateau for the last four weeks, likely because I'm not making the best food choices.

My body has also found it's way back to a size 10 (even in jeans, yay!). I even bought a dress in an 8/10.

I won our group Biggest Loser competition for the last three months... The group decided to take a month or two off so everyone can break their plateau.

Today I'm back full force on my eat clean program... With the move I've skipped meals, enjoyed a little too much sweet coffee and had a few burgers and (real) homecut fried French fries. Yikes!

I've shifted my size goal to a 6... With the way my body is restructuring, I'm pretty sure that's a reasonable goal. I may need a breast lift, but that's life. :)

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