Counting Down The Pounds

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2 Months In... Down 1-2 sizes and nearly 25 lbs!

I've moved from (almost out of) 14's to between 10-12's (12's are getting loose, 10's are still too snug). 

I'm still eating clean and combining a protein and complex carb at each meal time.  I haven't been as good at eating every 3 hours because there is a lot of stress in my world right now.  

When I weighed in at the Docs yesterday, I was actually up 5 lbs on the scale vs. my home scale from a couple days before.  I'm in the ovulation phase of my cycle... not sure if that would cause the weight difference or if it was merely a scale/time of day issue.

The good news... since I cut out all refined sugars (I'm only using honey, rapadura/sucanat, or palm sugar in moderation), I'm ovulating on my own again. As a long time sufferer of PCOS, this is great news indeed!  I'm sure the weight loss has also helped in that regard, but I was thinner a dozen years ago when I first started trying to conceive and I wasn't ovulating on my own then.

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